Our Bread Philosophy

We believe that bread, especially handmade and healthy bread, deserves great respect. Respect for the land, for our local farmers who raise and gather in the crops, and for bakers who bake bread by hand for us to enjoy at the table every day. From land to a table, bread is a symbol of our life cycle. We are passionate about creating nutritious and healthy bread to support your healthy lifestyle.

Our Breads


Quinoa Sourdough

Handmade from quinoa, soybeans, and soy flour, this kind of bread contains more protein than many others, and its mild taste makes it ideal to taste with salted butter.


Danish Sourdough

This popular full of texture and flavor Danish bread is healthy, tasty, and can be preserved for a long time. By tradition, it is served with cold butter, meat, fish, or cheese.


Cranberry Sourdough

Being a classic seasonal centerpiece, this nutritious bread is charged with cranberries and pecans. It can be perfectly combined with cooked meat or cheese.


Hove Wholemeal

This Hove inspired vegan wholemeal loaf is made from such organic ingredients as wholemeal wheat flour, oats, salt, and olive oil. It is ideal to create healthy sandwiches.

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